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Bench Top Chambers

Bench top chambers are Modern design, advanced manufacture and perfect operation, Excellent function, large window, low noise, and low energy consumption.

Dynamic reasons put your products in a variety of temperatures and humidity environments during manufacturing, transport, storage and use. Doaho Climate Test Chambers dedicate to simulate different environmental conditions, to test the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, function and lifespan of your products. Reproducible, certified and under accelerated conditions.

We specialized in climatic test chamber, including bench top climatic chambers, standard chambers, thermal shock chambers, walk in chambers, customized chambers and ovens. mechanical testing and other large comprehensive testing instrument.

An environmental chamber or climatic chamber is actually an enclosure that is used for testing the effects of specific environmental conditions on industrial products, electronic devices, and their components. And a Bench top Chamber is the smallest type of that climatic test chamber. It is quite small and can be kept on a bench as well without any difficulty.

The Bench top Chambers are quite good for running reliability testing due to its compact and lightweight feature. Benchtop chamber is quite widespread in the electrical and electronics industry. The chamber is built with galvanized steel as well as epoxy based powder coatings. And for this reason, it provides excellent resistance to deterioration. Its test space is made of AISI-304 grade polished stainless steel. Along with this, it comes with a bearing capacity of 5 kg-10kg. Benchtop chamber also comes with a silicon entry port which is quite useful for conducting real-time live testing. It is also furnished with a touchscreen controller.

Bench top chambers come in two variants, namely 25 liters and 80 liters. The 25 liters comes with a temperature range of -60 degrees C to 150 degrees C, whereas 80 liters comes with a temperature of -30 degrees C to 100 degrees C. The humidity system an optional feature of the chamber provides the humidity in the range of 20% RH to 95% RH. Apart from all these to enhance the testing process of the chamber, it is also equipped with the GPIB converter, data logger and last but not the least graphical data logging software.

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