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Thermal Shock Test Chamber Two-Zone

Thermal Shock Test Chamber Two-Zone


Thermal Shock Test Chamber Two-Zone

Thermal shock Test Chamber Two-zone are Modern design, advanced manufacture and perfect operation, Excellent function, large window, low noise, and low energy consumption.

A thermal shock test chamber Two-zone consists of a test area, a high-temperature air conditioning unit with a gas outlet and a gas inlet next to the test area mainly. It is usually used for testing the ability of a material structure to tolerate the regular environmental changes like extreme temperature and low temperature in a shorter period of time.it is a medium to understand the chemical changes or some physical changes occurred with the expansion and contraction due to heat and cold respectively in the shortest possible time. And this test is applicable to materials like metal, chemical material, plastic, auto parts, and electronic products. We can use the test result in the product improvement process.

The Thermal shock chamber testing mainly exposes a material to the extreme high and low temperature to witness the changes in the product

Automatically Transfers with the Thermal Shock Test Chamber Needs

Recently, the Thermal Shock Chamber is one of the best products. However, we can select the standard the Thermal shock and more product carrier with the automatically transports. In addition, we can select the different process and build with the view the users can easily to handle and different between temperature zones. We can provide the Thermal shock Test Chamber is the best chamber of performance configurations due to meet the particular testing needs. This process is also shock testing subjects a product should more alternating with the high and low temperatures with change the products.

However, it also creates the characteristics and failure of occurrences in the different materials and thermal expansion. There are available in the thermal shock chambers meet the testing needs as well as lots of configurations such as horizontal, vertical, double duty. In addition, we can transfer the mechanism should be automatically with the test from programmed in the controller.

Reliable Process

We can provide the Thermal shock Test Chamber should be operating the all reliable and durable programs. It is one of the highest standards of quality control, commercial test programs for independently controlled hot and cold zones. On another hand, there are available from the product to dramatic in the uses less floor space with the ideal way to smaller labs.  Each and every chamber allows to testing the more requirements for unique and more versatile chamber configuration as well as automatically transfers the product from eliminating process.

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