Thermal Test Chamber

Thermal Test Chamber


Thermal Test Chamber

Thermal test chamber are Modern design, advanced manufacture and perfect operation, Excellent function, large window, low noise, and low energy consumption.

Dynamic reasons put your products in a variety of temperatures and humidity environments during manufacturing, transport, storage and use. Dohao Climate Test Chambers dedicate to simulate deferent environmental conditions, to test the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, function and lifespan of your products. Reproducible, certified and under accelerated conditions.

We specialized in climatic test chamber, including bench top climatic chambers, standard chambers, thermal shock chambers, walk in chambers, customized chambers and ovens. mechanical testing and other large comprehensive testing instrument.

A Thermal Test Chamber is an enclosure which is normally used to test the effects of certain environmental conditions on those biological items, industrial products, materials, and electronic devices. Test chamber preciously imitates conditions which machinery, materials, devices or components might be exposed to. It is also used as a mode of acceleration to the effects of exposing the conditions in the environment. The chamber testing includes the testing and exposing products to several environmental conditions in a precise setting.

What is a Thermal Test Chamber

A? thermal test chamber is a unit that can be placed on a shaker test table. It comprises four interconnected and insulated side walls with a top surface that works as an enclosure. In this environmental chamber, the two piece bottom receives the side walls. It also includes a changeable centerpiece to accommodate several test objects. All those sides and bottom walls are well connected through hooks and loop fasteners. While regulating a thermally enclosed chamber it can be altered quickly with these features.

Features and types of thermal chamber

It also features a thermally insulated hood which is made up of a pliable textile material. The hood also features a test cavity with an open bottom end. There is a thermally insulated base also, which is mounted flat on the top surface of the vibration table.

The thermal chambers come with categories like 2-zone thermal chambers and 3-zone thermal chambers. These are made as per the stability, reliability and commercial test programs. The 3 zones thermal shock chamber is used for testing the proficiency of a material structure to sustain the constant environmental changes of high temperature and low temperature.

Here the testing process mainly defines a material to the extreme high and low temperature to witness the changes in the product

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