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Salt spray test machine

Salt spray test machine


Salt spray test machine – DHSP-160


  1. With imported high-precision special intelligent temperature humidity controller, keep effective control of temperature, humidity and dry.
    2.The two intake pressure, ensuring stability.
    3.A spray tower with conical diffuser, salt fog guiding and salt spray uniformity and the settlement adjusting.
    4.Perfect protection function (dry, wet, overload etc.) and devices with voice alarm, stop function.
    5.The compressed air is saturated with spray treatment on the test, to ensure stable environmental conditions, effectively prevent the nozzle blocking.
    6.With running time controller, after finishing accumulating will shut down automatically.


(1) Automatically cut off the power supply when the water level is low
(2) Super temperature, automatic cut-off power supply device
(3) With safety warning lamp device
(4) Leakage with automatic shutdown and other protection

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