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A climatic testing chamber is a laboratory device used to simulate different environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed. It is also known as an environmental test box, used to test the performance of products under extreme temperatures and other challenging conditions. The laboratory can be used for various applications, such as testing the durability of materials, evaluating the performance of electrical components, or analyzing the response of products to changes in temperature or humidity. It helps manufacturers ensure that their products can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions they may encounter during their service life.

The climatic testing chamber is an important tool for evaluating the performance of products and components under extreme temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. This laboratory is used to simulate different climatic conditions to test the durability and reliability of products. It can also be used to evaluate the impact of temperature on product performance. By using climate test boxes, manufacturers can ensure that their products achieve the expected performance in various environments.

DOAHO is one of the reliable manufacturers of the climatic testing chamber in China. We are known for their advanced production capabilities, excellent quality control, and cutting-edge technology. Our products are used by many industries to ensure the safety and reliability of their products in different climates. DOAHO's climatic testing chamber is known for its accuracy, durability, and efficiency. We also offer a wide range of customization options, allowing customers to customize rooms based on their specific needs. This allows them to fully utilize their testing experience while ensuring accuracy and reliability. In addition, we also provide comprehensive technical support to help customers obtain the best results from their testing efforts. All these factors have made DOAHO an industry leader in manufacturing climatic testing chambers in China.

Our climatic testing chambers are much suitable for high temperature and humidity tests. Due to the high quality built dependability the climatic chambers are more capable of crucial testing needs of international standards like IEC,MIL, and DIN. The climatic testing chamber come in two types such as AH and BH. The temperature range for AH is in between -40 degree C to 180 degrees C and for BH it is from -70 degree C to 180 degrees C. The humidity remains in between 10% RH to 98% RH with a temperature rate of 3 degrees per minute. The stainless steel test space presented in climatic testing chambers offers a high uniform load capacity and it comes with a 100 Kg. The volume ranges from 120 liters to one thousand liters. The air flow inside it is sustained a laminar uniform temperature gradient.

It also comes with a prearrangement of adjustable shelves with a shelf load capacity of twenty-five Kg. The adjustable shelves are presented in electronic and electrical component testing and conduct live specimen testing. It also comes with a sealed compressor, that offers the topmost efficiency. Its inner grooved evaporator unit comes with pre-designed fans, and it works as a heat exchanger. These evaporators are used to the tremendous testing conditions. The grooved evaporators enhance the performance of the climatic testing chambers in a better way and boost the steadiness as well for better performance.

DOAHO is specialized in climatic chamber, including bench top climatic chambers, standard chambers, thermal shock chambers, walk in chambers, customized chambers and ovens. mechanical testing and other large comprehensive testing instrument. Visit on to know more.

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